Stay At Home Dad Says: THANK YOU

34 year old hardcore gamer here. Just wanted to write a quick thanks to the devs for such a refreshing game. I’m a stay at home dad with a new baby for the next 6 months and gaming is tough (he’s not a sleeper like most newborns). Having a great strategy/tactical game that ISN’T bogged down with a bunch of story/cutscenes/time eaters is awesome. I bought the game this morning and have been exploring/learning all day in between baby naps :slight_smile: Thanks again.

just a sidenote… Cliff is the dev team :smiley:

yeah its a great game so i want to add my thanks to the pile…
you can also leave it running in the worst case when you have to run off :smiley: just slam the - button a couple of times and run off ^^

seems wonderous that such a… well… simple game can entertain us for so long and not even start to be repetitive… theres always atleast something happening here,even when you dont feel like playing challenges :slight_smile:

awesome, well thanks to Cliff then…great game, and friendly community. a rarity.

indeed, i dont think i have ever seen a flame war here. Regardless, i hope you enjoy GSB and your time in the forums


Turns a fire hose of water/foam mixture onto the flamewar’s starting flames and puts it out before it can spread!

what,no insightful message at the end of the post today Lonestar?
i really gotten used to those,theyre cool :smiley:

also,Cliff,give us the option to alternate between several forum sigs at random :smiley:

LOL, There just random quotes from Spaceballs The Movie, Sometimes I’m too tired to think up good ones. I had a feeling people liked them and got a laugh outa them.

Well she is a fine ship and I think you should go down with it.
clack clack clack " what the matter with this seat-belt" looks behind him
“Ahhhhhhhhh” rooaaaar Bear paw comes out of pod.
Bear waves bye bye in the portal as the last escape pod is jettisoned.

hahaha yeah that movie was just epic… i think i saw it atleast one time too many times :smiley: