Stealth change 1.003 : can't use a custom supply truck

I can save/edit custome supply trucks, but I can’t use them.

Pre-patch I had an upgraded supply truck, with the name supply truck. It still shows in the div-manager / unit bar, but it has the characteristics of an ordinary supply truck.

Post-patch I try to create an improved truck, with a new name. I can save and load it it, but it doesn’t show in division mangaer/unit bar even after restarting the game.

Sorry disregrad previous post : changed supply truck is now available

Well here is a better defintiion of the problem

When you design a new unit, you have to restart the gmae to have the new unit show in the division manager

BTW : why isdivison manager linked to battle menu instead of “Unit design” ?

aha thanks for the bug report, I’ll be sure to fix that. I was unsure the best place to put it, but thought that seeing as though its main purpose is to improve the usability of the deployment bar, placing it on there would mean most people would find it.