Stealth Tribe Bullets ??

For anyone that have the Tribe Expansion Pack.

Do any of you know how to get the bullets from the Autocannon and Howitzer to be shown in game ?
For example the Howitzer code says “color = 4” which i assume refers to and the speed refers to the … . well speed of the bullet

However I only get the muzzle flash and the enemy shield flickering a few seconds later.
I want to see red hot depleted uranium fill the void !

Thanks in advance

Same here
You see the autocannons fire-ing but no bullets : p
I thought it was ment to be that way not ?
'cuz it are just bullets and not hi-tech plasma phasoring bullets ?

The bullets are too small (I think) to be shown along with the beams and such.

I have tried a few ways to “force” the bullets to be drawn (large size, slow speed, change color)
So far, nothing works. I hate to say it, but maybe there are no bullets for kinetic weapons :frowning:

This is true, Bullets get shown for laser-bolt weapons like the ion cannon, but not for kinetic weapons at all. It’s by design.

Thats a pity, If you have the oppurtunity to code them in Cliff, please do !

I don’t know, I ran a Tribe fleet to watch this effect, and I think the muzzle flash from howitzer, autocannon and frigate rapid-fire cannon is long enough to get the point across. Especially considering that they don’t even start firing until your ship is practically sitting on top of the target. If they were long-range weapons, this would be a real problem. But I kind of like the different effect for the kinetics. Sets them apart from the other weapon types visually as well as mechanically.

Thats true, while I have no complaints on how it looks and feels in the original game
Its when i’m modding, thats when I want the kinetic muzzle flash and bullets too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

aside from the fact kinetic weapons aren’t using bright, pretty colors to distinguish their projectiles from space :slight_smile:

Oh come on. EVERYONE knows that the reason that the Kinetic weapons have invisible bullets is because the neutrons they’re made of are crossed with a special electric power coupling which effectively jams radar from seeing it. Only the MK II radar though, but every ship has that nowadays. Also the power flowing from the terminal from the radar is tampered with from a long-range distance due to the way the electrons are arranged, blocking and reflecting other electrons from power surges generated by the bullet, which goes right to the terminal of the enemy radar and makes the bullet invisible.

…It’s science.


and here i thought they were just painted black . .

Why do you had to frezze my brain you coud simply said that the electrons of the bullet of the kinetic weapon are stupid

That would be another way, yes.