Steam 1.31: "Democracy 3 failed to start"

Steam just updated GSB2 to the latest version and am now getting an error that is a bit…odd, to say the least.

Upon trying to launch the game it fails, and a steam error message pops up saying:

“Democracy 3 failed to start (error code 86).”

I didn’t even launch democracy 3…

I’m using Windows 8.

I have the same issue.

I don’t even own Democracy 3…

Same here. Got a weird crash during deployment where it thought my cruiser was a dreadnought with no equipment, then it just CTD. Then it updated, and I’m getting the same error as you guys. i do own Democracy 3, but it wasn’t installed at the time. I’ve verified game cache, uninstalled/reinstalled, and even installed Democracy 3 (which ran just fine).

I took a look around in the steam files for GSB2, and there was hardly anything in there. I’m guessing it should be quite similar to GSB1, but after looking around there was only text files and configs and such. Not a single .dds file or anything.

I don’t know much about GSB2’s file structure and whatnot, but if I’m correct in assuming that it is very similar to GSB1 then it seems like there is a lot missing. I also looked in the GSB2 folder in documents, and there were .dds images there - of my custom ships. And they were only images of normal maps and bump maps, not of any basic hulls or modules.

Alright so this error seems to be gone, GSB2 runs just fine now.

Same here. Error is gone. Thanks whoever fixed it!