Steam: An appeal on behalf of gamers

I purchased GSB on Steam. I like purchasing on Steam. I don’t have to keep track of a cd, I can backup my software easily, shopping is a snap, and my games are patched automagically. Please push whatever button you push, or talk to whoever you talk to at Valve/Steam to make the patches available via steam. Also, please make the DLC available via steam as well. I loves me some GSB and want some more! =) Thank you!


I concur. More steam support please!

Steam have the tribe, I’m just waiting for them to put it on sale. I think it’s already on gamersgate, impulse and direct2drive. if not, it should be very soon.

Awesome, thank you cliff!

Does that mean a new patch is coming to Steam as well? =)

I just checked. Steam is updating to 1.26. =)

Sadly, I still don’t see The Tribe on steam. Is the expansion up for sale on steam yet? Could be I’m not looking in the right spot.

It’s not up yet, it’s basically queued up there…
Buy it here! :smiley:

w00t! Just appeared on steam. Bought. =)

It just occurred to me… Do you get less money if I buy your stuff on Steam? I bet they take a piece of the action…

Yes I do. If you are indifferent to where you buy, it always sends more money to the developer to buy direct.

I brought GSB on steam because of steam support and auto updating.