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Hi there,

As a note to cliffski and to see what the rest of the community thinks i thought i’d register to post this :

Have you considering putting Kudos on Steam? Steam is now beginning to get many many games from smaller developers. Personaly i absolutely love the system. Its allowed me to try out a load of games that i would not of even dreamed of playing. For example Defcon, Darwinia and Eets are all stunning games.

After playing the Demo of Kudos i really enjoyed it and was instantly hooked. Im sure there are millions of gamers out their yet to experience Kudos and I think if the game was published onto Steam it would put it into the mainstream light abit more increasing sales massivly and also the community.

I could scream about Steam all day because personally i think the service is brilliant in allowing smaller developers to get their Games much better known and allow people to experience games they would have otherwise not have touched.

So…have you considered putting Kudos on Steam? What does the rest of the community think about this?


Valve didn’t want democracy on steam. I don’t think I suggested kudos to them. I should look into it.
Feel free to email Gabe and tell him he needs kudos :smiley:

I’m a huge fan of Steam, quite why people would buy a boxed copy of HL2 is beyond me. I’m always losing disks…

I hate Steam.

Why ?

Because most of the games have this “You have to be online” Activation as Copy-Protection. Sucks big time.

I think it was about 2-3 weeks ago that Steam went offline for a couple of days. I wanted to play a round of CS:Source with some friends…but no go…Ok, no Problem, I’ll just play Half Life 2 instead of CS:Source… Well, no fu##ing way…because of the Activation shit you cant play even the OFFLINE and Singleplayer Games.

How great is that ? So Valve practicly owns you. If they turn off their Servers you cant play the games you’ve payed for anymore.

So Sin Episode 1 is the last Steam Game I’ve bought. Screw Valve and Stream. There are other great games to play.

Sorry but i beg to disagree with this view ^. I understand your anger towards the situation. Im guessing you was trying to play during the downtime from the bad weather in America which caused the servers to go offline? usualy when you have no internet connection steam will ask you if you want to play in Offline mode. Then you can play any singleplayer game fine.

I think steam is brilliant allowing small games developers to get their game out in the public eye. Also on the previous note that was a rare occasion for the steam servers to go down, the first time in a few years that ive experienced them to go down for that amount of time (around 32 hours?)

You could say world of warcraft servers “own” you because when they go offline you cant experience the game either. And they go down alot more often than steam! Ive personaly never had any problems apart from when steam was first released, but for the past few years ive done nothing but love steam especially with the recent spree of indie games being released. I love experiencing new games which i would otherwise not even dream of touching!

Please do Cliffski id love to see the game on steam. Ill attempt to give Valve/Gabe an email now saying how i think Kudos should be added!