Steam Cloud (and/or save game location)

I wanted to continue where I left off on my laptop from my desktop. The game says it has Steam Cloud support. But my save games and the scenarios I’ve finished don’t seem to sync. Why?

Assuming that they can’t sync, can I copy this data myself? Where is located in macOS and in Windows?

If I recall correctly, the type of Steam cloud that I use (legacy version) does not sync between Mac and PC. Sorry about that.

Yes, you can definitely do it manually.

On Mac the save files are in: ~Library/Application Support/Big Pharma/Saves/

On Windows the save files are in: C:\Users<username>\Documents\My Games\Big Pharma\Saves

You might want to temporarily disable Steam Cloud saves when you copy the saves in. Probably not necessary though.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience, I know it’ll be a pain to switch back and forth. For my next game, I’m definitely going to implement Steam’s new cloud save system which is cross-platform compatible.


Ahhh… well computer #2 is a Hackintosh. I’ll just install it in macOS!

Thanks, and yes that change would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm… i think i do not get the issue ;d