Steam Cloud Support

I am playing this game on my own and my girlfriends computer. It would be very practical to see support for Steam Cloud, so that game informations dont have to be carried around. The game data is just something around 1 MB (without screenshots) on my comp.

Maybe others in the forum agree?

Sorry and maybe i am a bit noob about this question but… wat is “Steam Cloud”? (if i know wat is it, maybe i can agree to it)

The Steam cloud is a feature for everyone who has the game on Steam: your game save data and Options settings are saved on Steam’s computers, which make sure any progress you make in the game or changes to the options you make are automatically loaded on any other computer you play the game on.

It also works wonders for not losing all of your progress when your hard drive is wiped.

This is another of those annoying things that I hope will be in GTB, but isn’t currently in GSB. This is assuming steam want to sell GTB.
I haven’t looked at what’s involved yet, but I’m hoping it’s not too hard to implement.