steam key

I have preordered this long time ago… but where i can get that steam key for this game?

I’ve emailed everyone who pre-ordered with instructions on how you can grab your steam key, so check your email

Well i dont have any email from you in my email…

ffs, it was in spam folder… sorry

I PMed you Cliff, I never got an email due to a friend getting this for me, and now I cannot reach him.

All taken care of now, thanks! :slight_smile:

I also pre-ordered and don’t seem to have received a Steam key, nothing in my inbox or junk folders

Hiya, in the same boat as Rob in Japan, no email at all found :frowning:

you won’t get an email if
a) you ever unsubscribed from my newsletter before or
b) someone gifted the game to you.
In which case email

I do get the email from, last one was saying GTB is now at version 1.05.
Do i still need to send a email in ?

I use gmail, same thing here. It’s odd, but oh well. Unmarked it as spam, and added it to my contacts, maybe that’ll help. :slight_smile:

gmail is notorious for false positives. Why they can’t take 5 minutes to implement a proper whitelist is beyond me :frowning: