Steam Negative Reviews

Steam negative reviews have lots of grievances.

Game is:

  1. Irritating
  2. Tough for budget to be balanced
  3. Not clear how to stop doom spiral of debt crisis
  4. Biased against anti-statists. American Right-Libertarian criticism. Implementing the libertarian party’s platform without PP, leads to every problem in the game being active at the same time (and registers as conservative socialism). With PP, Income Tax is removed, State Pensions are removed, Poverty rises, Agricultural Subsidies Are Removed, Corporation Tax is removed, Military Spending is cut to Minimum, Disability Benefit and Social Care are removed, so is state healthcare and health tax credits, charity tax relief, etc. then you are voted out. Income and Expenditure get close and deficit is cut. Jo Jorgensen’s platform is not very different, except she’s for disability and social care (due to legal and constitutional and congressional limits on Presidential power).
  5. Comprehensive Tutorial Needed, game is too abstruse.
  6. Game feels stale.
  7. Lots of other things. Can be checked out in steam. Filter by English-Played over 10 hrs-Steam Purchase-Most Helpful-Negative Reviews and then scroll down.
  8. Poor balance between realism and quackery (sandbox).
  9. Lack of respect for players.
  10. Scumsaving due to persistent crashes.
  11. $28 too high for an indie game when AAA games offer more content (Cliff has already covered this in a video)?
  12. Myriad issues: Steam Community :: leon2lil :: Review for Democracy 4
  13. Crashes with Linux and Win 10, should be redirected to tech support? Tech support not advertised well enough?

(8-13) added later.

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  1. What are they bothered about? Personally, I’m bothered that there’s no more issues late-game, I wish that something can come out of the blue to hit me instead of everything revolved around statistics.
  2. Indeed, have they tried economy cycle? Did they start with Japan? Tried 0 debt? Have they tried taking the risk head-on to upset even more people with taxes?
  3. Muhney.
  4. If it is so, then what policies or features are creating this issue?
  5. One can argue that this is a strategy game and you need to think it through like a real-life politician while on the other hand it’s just game.
  6. We need more late-game events…
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  1. Short on deets.
  2. No clue, again short on deets, Cliff may have to engage with them to find out.
  3. LOL
  4. Maybe all of them? I think that the anti-statist playstyle is just incompatible with this game, who knows why?
  5. I guess as mentioned earlier, opt-in tutorials?
  6. Indeed, I believe Cliff has something in mind.
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Oh I see.

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