Steam Online feature not working

I was playing Gratuitous Space Battle when I decided to play online so when I when to online button it said put in your CD code. So I did put in my CD code and its not working its says “Invalid Code” or some thing to that effect and i got the game off steam and i put in the code steam gave me

I am experiencing the same problem. I purchased GSB and GC through steam and haven’t played in a many months now, but when I decided to fire it up for some carnage I am barred from playing the campaign. I get an error saying that either my firewall is blocking it, or that my key is invalid. Clicked the online button and on the initial screen it says that everything is ok, but when I click submit code it’s invalid. I entered the code as given to me through steam with a copy paste, so not a typo issue.

Umm, what’s a would-be-galactic-tyrant to do at this point?


Hey guys, don’t know if you still check this one, but I had this problem with the current machine. Solved it by typing the code directly into the box instead of using copy + paste.

Hope this solves the issue for you!