Steam OS X version update?

First post, so I’d just like to say thanks for making such a great game!

The PC version of steam has updated to 1.58, but the Mac version seems to be stuck at 1.56.1. I’m quite enjoying the new Parasites DLC on my PC. Is there an ETA on the Mac version getting an update?

For anyone else who is interested, I received a reply from Red Marble Games and was told:

So hopefully in a few weeks the 1.58 patch and possibly the Parasites DLC will be ready. Oh yeah, and…

GSB on the go? Gratuitously Cool!

OS X version is still in 1.56.1. Any progress in this? I’d really like the get this game patched up.

Send an emailed request to:

support &at& redmarblegames =dot= com

Please let us know what the response is, so we can advise the other players using the Mac edition.