Steam-Purchased GSB/Website Purchased Parasites Issues?


I purchased GSB and all the (then) available expansion packs a couple of months or so ago through Steam. Yesterday, I purchased and downloaded the Parasites expansion from this website. It is there, right there, in the program file, but it never loads into the game. Any insights on how to make this work with the Steam version? Am I simply lost and adrift, floating alone through eternity bereft of all hope and my $5.95? Is there salvation awaiting me?

Help me, Cliffski one. You’re my only hope.

steam games are not installed into program files. If you purchased GSB via steam and Parasites from Positech Games homepage, you need to install it to /program files/steam/steamapps/common/Gratuitous Space Battles

Worked like a charm. =)

Thanks much.

I must confess I am a bit of an idiot. I purchased the parasites add on and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t installing. I just noticed that unlike the other add on content, Parasites is for PC only (I run a Mac). Are there any plans to continue Mac support for this and future DLC?


Parasites will be coming to mac soon. Currently the mac guy is working on the ipad port, so it should come out soon after that.

Great news there ! I love when you guys support other platforms like Mac or Linux… As soon as it gets out, I will buy it right away ! I hope that Mister Mac guy is nearly finished on the ipad port :smiley: