Steam users

Hey, am I the only one having issues with getting the Swarm via Steam? Issues like the only proof on my machine saying I bought it being a gratuitous space battles swarm.gcf file in the steamapps folder? And nothing relating to the Swarm in the folder for GSB?

Hello, i also bought The Swarm DLC via Steam and i have the same problem. I bought it, it is in my Steam Account, but there is no subfolder in the GSB Folder and i can’t see anything from the Swarm in the game.

I bought the Full-Game and the other two DLCs via Steam some time ago, no problems with them.

Oh good, it’s not just me.

Kiri, all I can say is, contact Steam support, it’s their screwup, not Cliff’s. Hopefully, if we get enough guys together, we can get them to fix it.

I just posted a ticket on the steam support.

In case anyone asks: Yes, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, it didn’t work, no “The Swarm”-content in my game so far.

Heh, I’ve done that three times, and verified the game cache multiple times. Nothing.

I’ll hassle steam about it

I think the problem is that team has 1.37 version of the game. I think Swarm needs 1.38

I got same problem. Cant get swarm to work for steam after i bought it.

Edit. Ok Steam just got 1.38. But still cant see swarm race.

Is it working now?

Not yet.


It’s not the patch so much as the fact that Steam is only downloading the DLC (that file I mentioned in the first post) and not actually, you know, installing it.

And I still haven’t heard anything back from them, either…

OK, looks like its fixed. If you delete the ‘ClientRegistry.blob’ in the steam folder, then restart steam and let it update itself, that seems to fix, it. No idea what caused that, I’m just saying what I know :smiley:


Well i had to delete the local contents of the game first, then close Steam, delete the “ClientRegistry.blob” in the Steam folder, update Steam and then reinstall the game.

I just deleted the file and verified the game.

In other news, tons of converging lasers are fun

did you notice that with every game that is on steam,it ends up generating more forum topics specifically for people with the steam version? and thats exactly why i avoid steam :-D

In Steam’s defense the only reason I bought this game is because I saw it listed on Steam and loved the description. Might never have found it otherwise.