Steam version and installer update [1.24]

You might have to try just choosing the common folder, and it might work.

Thank you graydon that last distinction allowed the patch to work. I kept installing it into common/ GSB, instead of just common.


ARgh I hate to bring this back up but now it seems the game keeps crashing whenever I want to change any modules. Even if all I do is add in module made by someone on the forum here itll crash upon selecting change ship design. So nothing wonky with what Im modding, all perfectly valid changes, but just in case I deleted or moved all the non vanilla stuff out and no dice, still crashing.

The only way I can stop it from crashing is to ask Steam to verify integrity of game files, whereupon it tells me that thirty files (always this number) are broken, and it repatches itself back to 1.23. So…the game works but only if I patch it backwards. This means that everytime it starts crashing the only way to get a functioning 1.24 is to ask steam to essentilly reinstall everything and then I reinstall the patch.

Just wondering if there are any steam users out there who have the same issue. Im beginning to think I should have just grabbed the retail copy and saved myself the frustration, because I doubt that steam will do anything on their end to fix compatibility issues.

steam will get updated at some point to the latest version, but I’m halfway to doing version 1.25, so I’ve been waiting until then to get their copy up to date, if that helps?

Well seeing as you work quite quickly and with consistency Im confident youll do it, not pressuring the devs or anything, but I was under the impression steam did most of the work (you send them your files and they make it compatible), guess not. So only the dev is responsible for making steam specific patches? Dont know how this stuff works :P.

Anyway its not a huge problem as I can still do challenges, however since Im working on a very small and unambitious Battle Fleet Gothic Warhammer mod right now its a bit irritating to have the latest patch be so unreceptive to minor text editing. There shouldnt be a problem with adding in a few weapon modules and custom hulls for patch 1.24 is there?

Mod-related stuff will get WAY simpler with 1.25 because it will support a different separate directory structure for any added mods.

I’ve got the steam version which I know doesn’t have an update yet through them. I’m looking around here for the patch to install myself, but can’t find it. Any help?

The game downloads patches automatically if you put in a user name and your serial code on the online screen

But still even with auto-patch you need to set right path. In Steam version.

I know 1.24 is a little out of date now but regardless I’m having issues with manually patching Steam. Its not that I can’t figure out where to point the installer or anything, its that I’m stuck at a halfway point of not actually having the installer.

After signing up for the online bit when I rebooted it started the patch download. However the program got killed mid download (I can’t remember how now) and now it seems convinced that it doesn’t need to DL anything more. I’ve tried uninstalling the game several times (and removing the files from the My Games directory) but it still won’t budge.

Is there anywhere I can go grab the patch myself or could you tell me where I could go in to reset whatever variable/file that leads it to believe its patched? I’m still on 1.23 and the mouse thing is rather unfortunate :slight_smile:

PS: I consider myself fairly technical, so don’t hold back on me if its a more involved fix! :smiley:

the game only does the patch check once a day. If you toggle your system clock forwards a day and launch it, it will re-grab the patch. Don’t forget to reset the clock…

Ah ha, thanks!

I was about to write that it magically fixed itself for me, (today being yesterdays tomorrow :P) but you’re explanation makes a bit more sense, hehe.

I’m loving the game man, I’m glad to see how much effort you’re still putting in :slight_smile: