[STEAM Version] Still under version 1.28?


I’ve just re-installed a few of my Steam games recently since I just installed my OS (got a new hard-drive, yay!), I noticed that after I launched GSB for the first time after that new installation that the in-game download of a new patch occurred. From what I can remember versions 1.25, 1.26, 1.27 and 1.28 were all properly updated directly from Steam (I mean via Steam’s automatic game patching feature), that for those versions I never had to install updates manually after the in-game download process was completed.

Now I came here and I noticed that the current version is 1.30, and that’s indeed the patch version that GSB just made me download from in-game (after I launched it as mentioned). The thing is that Steam did not update for neither version 1.29 or 1.30 so far, apparently, because the last time I played was still under version 1.28, and now that I realize it I might have been playing 1.28 while 1.29 was available manually, but I do not recall GSB trying to download version 1.29 from in-game however, that’s the strange part.

So, with all that said, do we Steam version owners have to install the patches manually again? Are the automatic Steam updates not going to happen for a while? Was it just something that was intended and the Steam patch needs to wait? I’d just like to know what I need to do, because if I have to manually install version 1.30 then alright I’ll do it since I know it works, but the next time Steam updates automatically (if it does) it might cause issues I think, but I’m not sure anyway. I just wanted to point at it, that the Steam version is “late” in terms of updates, and that Steam did update GSB automatically a few times prior to 1.30 (or even 1.29).


steam is just a bit late, but they have 1.30 and its probably just a holiday backlog.
patch 1.29 never went to steam because it had a critical bug I had to fix immediately. I doubt more than a dozen people ever saw 1.29 :smiley:

Ok thanks for the information cliffski :slight_smile:

I hope that Valve notice that they did receive patch 1.30, do they release them by priority of reception order?

I presume so, but no idea tbh.

1.29 was on steam and so is 1.30.

I don’t think that the in-game autoupdater is enabled on the steam-exe

Wait, your Steam version is currently updated to 1.30?

Yes it is but it could be in game auto patcher. I dunno, I got a config directory with everything unlocked from someone else. Maybe his auto-patcher was enabled?

steam has 1.30 and I think it’s probably enabled by the time you read this.

That’s correct! I just un-installed it, and then re-installed it, and it’s updated to 1.30 indeed. Maybe there was a problem previously and that it was at 1.30 all along, but now it’s something of the past hehe! Time to enjoy the game a little more, oh and I’ll buy The Tribe later tonight, I’ll show them Tribe who they’re dealing with!