Steam versus non-Steam version - which to use

Since I bought this during the beta process, I have a DRM free version of GSB2 as well as getting the Steam code so I also installed GSB2 on Steam.

The advantage of the non-Steam version is that I do not need to be running Steam to play the game which is nice if I do not have Internet for some reason. On the flip side, the Steam version has Steam Workshop integration which is nice. Additionally, the Steam version should auto-update. I know the non-Steam version should auto-update but it hasn’t worked for me so I have needed to use the original link so I need to know an update has been released.

Is it possible to access the Steam Workshop using the non-Steam version? Can I use the Steam version to download mods from Steam Workshop but access these mods from the non-Steam version since both versions share the same folder in “My Games” folder in “My Documents”. If it matters, I am running version 8.1 of Windows.

Thoughts on the trade-offs? Thanks.

Steam workshop is what sold me on the Steam version, well, that and all my games are on steam. I want to share my creations with other people, and Steam makes it ridiculously easy to do so.

Yes it should be. If steam is running, you can launch your copy from wherever on your hard drive it is, and it will hook into steam, if thats what you mean? You can then use the workshop as you would normally. You don’t have to launch ‘from steam’ for that stuff to work, steam just has to be running. And if ever you want to switch steam off, you can do that and then use the same copy no problem (only the workshop tab will not be shown on the mod control panel). This is how we work on the game during development (because obviously its not on steam at that point :D).

cliffski he means if he bought from gog or you directly can he still uses steam workshop

im guessing no


steam has an offline mode, which allows you to launch any game in your library without the internet connection*
it shouldn’t really be an issue because whenever steam lose connection the internet it automatically transfers into this mode.

*depending on the title you may need to launch it once with internet for it to be registered, and to download background software for the game (directx, vc redist)