Steam workshop issues (Mac)

So I saw workshop was up and running and started subscribing like crazy. Started the game and found severe graphical issues with the policy packs, they displayed as black squares which made the game unplayable. I disabled the two policy mods but there were still remnants left behind. I figured I’d do a fresh start, delete local the local content and make sure the game files inside “Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Democracy 3” were all gone and they were. Since then I’ve reinstalled the game and added a country mod or two only to start the game and not find the countries I installed. Is there another folder I should be erasing?

To reiterate, I’m trying to completely wipe Democracy 3 from my hard drive, as to start fresh, in a sense… Please help.

The black boxes are due to the mac + linux build of D3 not supporting compressed textures. there is a beta update we are testing (just opt into the mac/linux beta for Democracy 3 in your steam client) which adds support for compressed textures.

There is also a config directory that might need the mods status and mod dates files removed it is located in ~/Library/Application Support/democracy3 (~ being your home directory). note your saved games are here too so don’t just go and blow it all way.

Are there any more locations I can check to erase? I unsubscribed from mods in the workshop, wiped the folder you mentioned, reinstalled the game, and yet still had remnants corrupting the game, such as “North Korean Relations” showing up even though I’ve made every attempt I can to get rid of it. Thank you so much for your help, in advance.

Workshop mods get installed in the game directory (~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Democracy 3/ …) which on the mac is inside the Bundle ( )

And then the .ini files in the user-profile directory (~/Library/Application Support/democracy3) is the other place that maintains state… however a mod doesn’t show up in the mod list unless the text file is found IN the game directory in the data/mods.

There is another place on the mac (and linux) where mods can be saved to… which is in the user-profile directory under the mods folder… ONLY .zip or .d3mod files would be respected in this directory however (a .d3mod is simply a zip with a different extension). This is a mac and linux ONLY feature however and would only occur IF you drag+dropped a mod .zip/.d3mod onto the game icon (mac) or window (linux).

I would also suggest looking through the log files in the user-profile debug folder… (and even posting them up here so I can look through them)

I haven’t been able to play this game in months and thanks to your advice it works once again! Also bought the new expansion Social Engineering, and I’m loving it as well! Thank you sooooooooo much!

What ended up being the issue? (so we can share with others having the same issue).

Combining ALL of the instructions you listed, it wasn’t until I did each and every one of those steps and cleared ALL of those directories and THEN did a fresh install. but the ~/Library/Application Support/democracy3 directory was the final piece of the puzzle.