[Steam Workshop] Italia (Italy mod)

Hello everybody, here I come with my first mod and my first post in the forums.

I’ve created a my version of Italy up to 2013, based upon amedeo80’s early work.


Somehow, I can’t seem to be able to play with it. I might have done something wrong in some file.
Can someone expert have a look at it and point me to what and how should I fix it, please?

Good evening Umperio,

I would like to help you with your mod, so I made a try to install your mod from the steam workshop.

After the install, I start my game and could see only the mod description file in the mod-menue of the game.
In my game directory I saw, that I have downloaded only the mod-config-file, but no mod-files, like policies, simulation-files etc…

By checking your mod-config file in the mod-folder in the game, you should use this syntax here:

After checking the steam-workshop page with your mod, I recognised, that the mod-file size is 0.000 MB.

I think in this case, you should reupload your mod-folder into the ‘Steam-Workshop’ with the following steps.

  1. In the game click on ‘Mods’.
  2. In the Mod-Menue, click on ‘Update your mod’
  3. Select your mod and fill out the details of your mod. Select here in ‘Path’ only your mod-folder with the name ‘Italia’. The Steam-Workshop creats automatically the mod-config-file.
  4. Upload your mod-content.

I hope, I could help you. =)
I wish you a relaxed saturday.

Hello Struck,

thanks for your advice. I’m sure I followed it as you write, but it still seemed to be uneffective, so I guess there must be something wrong with the other mod-files.
I uploaded them on MediaFire, so that everyone can check them (I copied the most of them from other mods already avaible in-game).

mediafire.com/download/v6xga … Italia.zip

I’m sorry people can’t play with it yet.

Hello Umperio,

thank you for uploading the mod-folder to check the files.

Maybe I have found the bug in the file ‘italia.txt’ in ‘Italia\data\missions\italia’.

Here some values have to get the text-symbol “”.
Some of your values get the symbol Ó, which could be the cause for the problem.

I replaced these symbols with “” in this config file.

Also I made a change in the syntax in your script-files:


CreateGrudge(Italian Demography,Italia,_hidden_,ClassWarfare,-0.18,1,0);



At the moment, I can not see the flag in the game, but the mod is still working. :wink:
Please try out the updated mod-folder and reupload the unzipped-folder to the ‘Steam-Workshop’ again.

I make a try to solve the problem with the flag. :wink:


I solved the problem with the flag.

I changed the path to the images in the config file, so only the name of the flag is included here.
Also I renamed the image ‘details_italia.jpg’ to ‘Italia_details.jpg’ and changed the resolution of the picture to 256 * 256 pixels.

Now all flag images are be shown in the game.
Italia.zip (288 KB)

I tested it, Struck, and it fully works!
It’s now updated and uploaded to the Workshop, and I personally find it hard as hell to play.
I’ll add you as collaborator as soon as you accept, in the meanwhile THANKS! :smiley: