Steam Workshop

i’m sure some of you have though about this alredy , but why not make a topic about it. the only problem i can think of is if someone tried to upload things with copyrights (star wars). other than they it would be so much easier for EVERYONE to use mods. not to mention new community members on this form posibly


we could always try and get GSB on the steam workshop, the reason i found this game is because a friend of mine started playing this game, as much as you guys who don’t use steam i can tell you the steam game hub for this game ( is far more active then this form, and not just with pictures there’s a fair number of actual conversions going on there, alot of “i need help” things that seem to congregate over the latest patch. but i was gonna say that if we put steam workshop up it might, make the community grow, consider that every time a thing is added to with workshop a global broadcast goes out to all players of steam