Now that Democracy 2 is on Steam, will existing owners get a Steam key for the game?

Not sure if that’ll matter if the Steam version keeps auto-crashing every time you try to start a new game or click “how to play”

Yeah, i just bought the Steam version and it keeps crashes after i click a button in the game. This is annoying. No one has figured out how to fix this?

Things I have tried: updating it, reinstalling it, restarting my comp, updating my comp, checking the paths in the app, and verifying the game cache/files. I’m a little at a loss now.

I tried those things as well. I emailed Steam. Doubt they ill respond anytime soon.

Steam usually won’t take responsibility for their hostings/ports of “third party software” going bad :confused: They didn’t take responsibility when I had that issue with The Witcher so I had to go on forums and such and FINALLY someone had come up with a Wineskin fix that worked. If there’s a file or something that needs tweaking I’d be able to find it and fix it, but I’d have to know what the fix IS like how I managed to fix my Crusader Kings II.

I too got the Steam version (for use on Mac) and am experiencing the same problem. Is there any consensus on what can be done? I just emailed Red Marble Games about a fix or getting the standalone version, but perhaps I should have contacted cliffski?

Anyway just wondering if anybody will take responsibility for this apparent problem.

Got a reply from Red Marble Games. They said they are working on the problem and gave me a standalone version.
Nice guys.

Well if they don’t fix it in the next few days I guess I’ll e-mail them and try to get the standalone. I have other stuff to play in the meantime so I don’t want to bug them for no reason. Nice to know they’re working on it though.

AFAIK there is a fix, and we are just triple checking it works on every test machine we have before rolling it out…

bought steam version and also had black screen/crash when selecting “how to play” or new game

after some google-fu i stumbled upon a solution from 2010 or something which i gave a try and it FIXED the problem for me

try this:
locate the CONFIG.MUF in your …\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 2\data folder
open with texteditor (eg. notepad)
change the line ForceFallback=1 to ForceFallback=0 and save the file

…also i had to change from fullscreen to windowed-mode because of weird mouse lag

now I really enjoy the game =)

All mac versions bought through steam should now be working fine. Sorry about all that :smiley:


Bravo pr0x, this appears to have worked for me as well. Thank you very much (by the way it’s 12/26/12 and this problem still exists).

I tried the above, and it still doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

I regocnized a further bug…maybe…
In the folder of democracy you have a debugging folder.
If I start a game with any nation and will left the game a little bit later, I get a debugging text file (debug.txt) with follwowing error message:

----DEBUG FILE----
Windows Vista detected
Error! You are using an old version of FMOD 00041601. This program requires 00042600
(some lines below)
Initialising simulation
Failed to find neuron:.\SourceCode\Neuron.cpp 176

failed to find event influence _inflation:.\SourceCode\Neuron.cpp 686

Failed to find neuron:.\SourceCode\Neuron.cpp 176

failed to find event influence _inflation:.\SourceCode\Neuron.cpp 686

The rest of this file is ok.
How ever, the game itself works very well, but this error log causes convision of thought.
Also I reinstalled this game via Steam, but same result.

Anybody an idea what is wrong or is this really not importent.

Problem solved, was not caused by Steam, was caused by Mod “Inflation”