Stepping Modules???

Is there a way to step the progression of modules when in comes to unlocking them??
ie, could it be set up so that laser A has to be unlocked before laser B can be unlocked??
Same thing with ships, say to unlock the Battleship you need to have unlocked the Battlecruiser, etc

Has anyone done or tried this??

I noticed something akin to this has been applied in the latest patch.
You cant unlock a hull unless you have the race unlocked.

Anyone know where this coding is?? Is it changeable to fit this on a as per weapon etc basis???

Im working on a rather ambitious mod and this could set up things a little smoother I think.


That is something that only cliffski can change since we have no access to the actual game code which would need to be changed.

Thanks for confirming that. Had a feeling that it was embedded.
Especially since I could not locate it.
If would still be cool if this part of the code was made so that it could be adjusted.
Guess Im a fan of tech trees, which is basically what im trying to add in.


If he ever says that he’s looking for community suggestions for a sequel, one of my first would be some sort of extended singleplayer mode with futher-limited starting hardware (not necessarily tech trees, but a more controlled allowance of new equipment) and more of a tutorial feel to the singleplayer missions. As it stands, you can just mash your way through the singleplayer game- once you realize the real point is to use the smallest, most effective fleet possible to beat each mission, its already too late, and you haven’t really learned exactly why some hardware is better than others for one job or another.