Still crashes in deployment screen in version 1.19

I got exception errors and crashes two the desktop two times in version 1.19. One time I was giving fromation orders, the other time I was trying to delete a placed ship using the delete key. It isn’t a bluescreen crash like the one mentioned in my other post. The crashes happen randomly. When I restart the game, it often doesn’t crash when I give the same orders again. I will try to make a screenshot and post it if it happens again.

Do you get an error log in your game folder/data/reports or something like that and error.txt?

I will look for that and try to take a screenshot if the game crashes again.

Wups. The folder is your game folder and then debugdata folder. From there you’ll find that error.txt file.

The error.txt-file doesn´t contain any information.

Yeah, seems like Cliffski has fixed this problem in version 1.21. I played for about two hours yesterday and didn’t get a crash in the deployment menu again. All hail the supreme space admiral!

well, isn’t that why he’s called the supreme space admiral, when the highest rank we can get is a regular admiral?

Ah, so you spotted that eh? :smiley:

it’s really not that hard… :smiley: