Still Crashing

Anyone elses game still crashing after an hour or two?
This is really frustrating I just want to play it through at least once! =(

Yep, I’ve had a few crashes but I can’t remember what I was doing when it crashed though, hence the not filing a report thing about the crash.

The last one was a weird one, I had an error message in windows about the game but it let me keep on playing. The game stopped working when I tried to quit back to the menu though.

I just found and fixed two (quite rare) crash bugs, but anyone who has a saved game that will always result in the game crashing shortly afterwards should email it to

How do I email it to you?

The bugs you just fixed is there a new patch for them? Ive downloaded the 1st two

I’m currently working on a new patch. the save games are in My Documents\My Games\Kudos2\savegames