Stockpile sell out - empty the Stockpile

Similar to the Stop Production on a Slot there is something needed for the Stockpile.

  • If you demolish a stockpile you just get 5.000$ wether the stockpile is full or empty. The complete supply is wasted.
  • If you lower the Limit of pieces in a stockpile these now additional pieces just get deleted. This is a waste of resources!

I would suggest a button which stops the replenishment of the Stockile, so it gets sold out.

Or a button “clear Stockpile” so when you on Producing Point " build in lights" and there are wrong front lights, you can clear the stockpile from the buildpoint that the right frontlights can be build in

Its a good point that you need to be refunded the stock when deleting a stockpile! I shall fix this. In terms of clearing stockpiles:

the option to ‘clear’ a stockpile has been mentioned elsewhere and I am sympathetic to it, although TBH the need to do it just points to a bug somewhere in the code. the game should sensibly ‘evict’ enough items to make space for urgently needed resources anyway, and resources that sit unused for X cars in a stockpile get automatically refunded anyway (at least they should do).