Stockpile weirdness

I don’t think stockpiles are working as intended. They seemingly slow down the flow of materials, rather than speed things up as you would expect. For instance, I have tried using stockpiles to hold valves which are often a bottleneck for my production. Even with a stockpile set to hold 36 valves, there are frequent delays between the engine slot using valves and the start of movement from the valve stockpile to the slot. Since the built-in stockpile at the engine slot holds 16 valves, it should in theory have enough for two cars at once. However it rarely has more than 10-12 on hand, despite the stockpile being close.

I see you mention something about import speeds being faster for 1.05 so maybe this won’t be as important anyway - I’ve stopped using stockpiles for the most part since they currently seem slower than straight imports anyway.

However if you see this screenshot of a stockpile I’ve set for windows/servos/paint there is a weird problem where the stockpile will store more than is requested and double-stack items in the slot.

You can also see one of the paint destinations on the top of this screenshot with only a few barrels of paint. Since a car only uses one barrel, and there’s room for 16, and this stockpile is very close - wouldn’t you think the stockpile at the paint slot would be more full?

If you’d like I can link to video of this occurring - this screenshot was taken while recording my LP - but this import line isn’t overloaded or anything, it only connects to eight or so slots. As you can see in the screenshot, it’s not like the import conveyor is overloaded with items or anything. I have all import/conveyor speed upgrades researched.

Thanks for the great work so far, I’m loving the frequent updates and the game is very fun despite some minor frustrations!