Stop Line Production

Occasionally I have a situation where one operation has a shortage of parts which creates a huge backlog up to that station which then becomes very difficult to rectify. If there were a “stop production” button on the very first line stage (i.e., fit front axle) then it would enable the line to clear whist the problem area is sorted. Maybe there is another way of overcoming this but I think this could be a relatively easy solution. Thank you.

You could overcome this by simply removing the conveyor between the first to slots, this would cause “No route to slot” and stop production there.

You beat me too it with that one. I regularly just remove the first section of conveyor which just stops production for a while. Yes granted you’re going to lose a little money that way but a section of conveyor is around £1K. Thats hardly the most expensive.

Thank you for your comments. I did actually think of that but this is a very realistic game which has attempted to reflect accurately a true factory production line, therefore would they in the real world demolish a bit of the conveyor belt to stop the line? I just thought that a “Stop Production” command at the first stage would be a far better option and more like the real thing.

Yeah it’s a more elegant solution I agree. Was just trying to help with a solution for now.