[Story] Solarian Union - Contact: Great Powers

Is there a place were I can download any version of the mod? I love playing with OP content so if it is done in the sense of everything is there, I would love to be able to download it.

As far as I know it’s still in development, with no public beta available.

Still very much in development. I can’t make heads or tails of GIMP with regards to DDS editing, so I’ll have to start hunting for a graphics person.

I’m also experimenting with different kinds of weapons. In the story I reference the ultravelocity cannon (UVC), which is a main weapon on many of the lighter cruisers. I’m now thinking what is essentially a very big cannon doesn’t keep in with the spirit of the range-loving, missile-happy Solarians, so I’m experimenting with different types of weapons. One of the candidates is basically the MWM launcher from hell, and I think it’s the most likely replacement.

As for OPness, it’s something I’m taking seriously. Ask Darkstar on how many balance questions I’ve asked him. Ship-for-ship, yes, the Solarians are very overpowered. If you take ten Solarian battleships (which are basically at the midline for combat power) and ten of any other race’s heaviest cruisers, the Solarians will slaughter them so quickly it’s almost stupid. However, you’ll never find those odds. At best, you’ll be able to field two battleships for ten vanilla cruisers (and usually not even then; as currently configured, a single battleship with a generalist weapons load comes out to about 30,000C) when basing unit count on money spent. Then it becomes and even fight, depending on configuration and orders.

Here’s an example of numerical disparity (the lone SDN costs about 75k, the Rebel cruisers all came out to about 77K):

And they were able to beat the SDN.

Hmm, good thing there was not 2 Sol Dreads.
The shockwave from the lone SDN nearly wiped out the remaining rebel fleet.

(We really need to get you designing your own ships - have you thought about switching to paint.net ?)

Tried it a little, didn’t make much more sense to me either, haha.

And now that you mention it, I should see what happens when we have two SDNs and 150k worth of Rebel ships. That ought to be wild.

Tactics will play an important role in this one . . If you lump all your attacking cruisers to take on the SDN’s one at a time then you will loose (mainly due to the Mutually Assured Destruction . .)

You will need 2 attacking groups, another consideration is that Fighters might be your salvation as they “ride out” the shockwave - question is, how thick is the armor on the SDN’s

As constituted, 9-point-something. I remembered what you told me about armor tanking, and I’m taking steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. A ship with 40 module slots and 50 hard points is ripe for that, so I made sure the SU armor doesn’t stack very well, though it’s individually powerful. Still, I’m still balancing.

I wasn’t able to kill them with 150k worth of cruisers, since the SDNs broke off and were able to cover each other’s blind zones with their missile and laser fire. However, with some rush-configured frigates with EMP launchers and ion cannons I was able to bring them both down. Only ten ships survived, I think.

As for shockwave destruction, it’s the lesser of two evils for the opposing fleet. If you get in close and destroy the SDN, the shockwave will kill a lot of your ships. However, if you try to engage from range the missile fire will murder you.

D: it ended but it was only just beginning! I know im a bit late, but i finally got round to finishing the story and all i can say is you, sir, need to write a book about this shizz,. Seriously; I’d buy it tenfold. Now hurry up with chapter four!

I’m with Capt. fox on this one my friend. With life getting in my way and writer’s/modder’s block holding me back we need SOMEBODY to keep writing awesome material!

Any notice on when the next chapter is coming out?

may i nominate myself to work on graphics for your mod?