Straight to Hard Mode (and a couple other things)

Having gone through the game once on normal, and now working on doing it in hard mode, it would be really nice if you could click on the “difficulty button” from the “Choose Mission” screen to go right to that level of difficulty. Right now they aren’t buttons, but rather just indicators of what difficulty levels have been beaten with the Deploy the fleet! button right below it. My suggestion would be make them buttons, make the words be on a blue background if that level/difficulty hasn’t been beaten yet, and colored as appropriate to difficulty, if it has.

A list of the different tutorial pop ups would also be nice, as well as the ability to navigate backwards and forwards through them w/out actually accomplishing them. Also to turn them off entirely or reset them. The first time I went through and skipped most cause I wanted to get right into the game, and wasn’t worried about playing so much as seeing what was what. Later I wanted to actually see all the tutorial stuff I’d skipped before, and had to reinstall the game to do so (well, actually, just installed it on my laptop, but still)

Being able to right click on orders and select which ship/ship class/group that order was applied to and then cancel/edit it appropriate would be nice.

Trying to edit a ship while that ship is deployed caused a crash, however I haven’t been able to duplicate it.

Thanks for the awesome game. I adore it!

Agreed, something should be done with this. I can’t tell you how many times I have entered a scenario intending to beat hard or expert difficulty, painstakingly deploy my fleet and click start only to find that I forgot to change the difficulty level. It would help if it defaulted to the highest unbeaten level.

I hit a similar crash many vessions ago. What I think happened was that my edits made the deployment too expensive, so all of the ships of the edited design were removed. However, escort orders targetting those ships remained and caused the crash when I examined them.