Strange effects from policies

I implemented driverless cars laws at maximum and I noticed that I actually had a drop in technology, with a knock-on drop in productivity, and education also seems to have taken a hit. Is this the how it is supposed to work (ie the increase in unemployment related to automating jobs degrades the rest of society)? I was expecting the opposite effect.

Also, I find I’m having trouble eliminating respiratory problems. I have high rates of car usage, but I also have really high rates of electric car adoption, I’ve banned low-MPG efficiency cars. Is there a link between lowering the effects of car useage on air pollution if the fleet is fuel efficient or electric?

For organized crime, Narcotics seems to affect it twice, as it’s listed twice under contributing factors.

Is there an appropriate thread where I can put all these comments/questions?

Love the game, thanks for all your hard work on it.

The Respiratory crisis is one of the toughest parts of the game to overcome. Apart from bringing down car use and generally improving the environment, you need to hit tobacco use hard and do reforestation. Banning coal too would help. It all takes ages.