Strange Fighter Behavior

There is a challenge, the description being roughly, ‘beats the Hexes fleet that beat mrblitz20.’ There is a group of rocket/painter fighters on the challenger’s left side. When the battle began, they hid in the corner, on the challenger’s left edge. At the very end of the battle, they sprang to life and attacked my ships.

Is this a result of certain orders given to those fighters?

Did you have any fighters remaining, and if so did were they engaged by the rocket fighters?

Yes, at one point my rocket fighters had gone after the cluster of motionless fighters in the corner. After a minute or two of that, those motionless fighters sprang to life and headed for my cruisers/frigates.

It sounds like you’re describing a formation order. The fighters will resume movement after the formation leader is destroyed.

yes, i think that’s the problem. everyone was in formation with the “leader”, but the leader was in formation with one of his ships as well. with that going on, no one will move unless either one is destroyed