Strange Issue with New Hull

i am currently trying to get a hull in game however it would seem i have hit a snag, i have done all 3 of the DDS required for a ships image and it appears to work succesfully
as both the hull editor and ship editor show the new DDS however the actual ingame sprite appears as a Federation frigate this is also strange seeing as for the ships file i copied
a swarm cruiser and so even if i was to miss a line it would be swarm and not federation, What do :0

mabye its a problem with what you named the ship after completing it in the hull editor. try checking your saved hulls in the my games folder. if there are duplicates, you can just delete those.

Also look at the name inside the files of the hull you JUST made. If it is the same as a ships it will pull that ship up instead of the one you wanted, EVEN if it points to another ship dds files.

Got it working thanks for the help guys, i simply deleted the old ship design and made a new one,
Maybe i has something to do with the fact it was called tutorial frigate :slight_smile:

Maybe. LOL.