Strange relationships (bugs?)

  1. GDP raises unemployment
  2. Foreign aid lowers foreign relations
  3. Decriminalizing narcotics raises crime (very strange considering that selling illegal crack cocaine used to be one of the alleged causes of US crime wave…)
    I have the newest version (1.21).

Try reinstalling, sounds like your files are corrupted.

That one is actually normal for the game…

Did not help and I bought & downloaded the game two days ago - directly from the Positech website. These relationships show both on the main screen (when I mouse over a particular icon) and in policy screens.

i think the problem is that your current level of foreign aid is negatively affecting your foreign relations. try raising it and see if the relationship turns positive. i am not sure about the explanation of narcotics, but i have found the same thing- the easiest way to eliminate an “organized crime” epidemic is to legalize various narcotics until it drops below the stop trigger- go figure. hope this helps

There are a number of effects that swing both ways depending on your policies, where there are policies which cannot be cancelled. The exact effects that each policy should have at each level is of course open to much debate.