Strategic game level

I would like to see Cliff develop a strategic game giving some context to the individual battles of Gratuitous Space Battles.

This could be full blown Master of Orion sort of thing with planetary conquest, colony development, inter-empire politics and so on. Some might argue this level of detail conflicts with the spirit of “Gratuitous”, nevertheless, I’d be happy to play if Cliff will develop it.

Alternately, some sort of scripting tools that allows linking individual challenges together with some sort of theme. Perhaps players could create a set of linked challenges requiring the acceptor to use the same fleet on each, or a fixed budget split between them. Possibly more elaborate scripting tools allowing challenges to have associated text, limited modules, ships or modules “unlocked” by completing earlier challenges, and so on.

A well thought out strategic game for GSB might be suitable for releasing as a separate module, and get Cliff some extra income.

Oh my god, you are a visionary! So original;
If you discount the huge amount of other threads suggesting the exact same thing, down to the master of orion as a template.

This game actually sells itself based on the fact its not one of those games.
Its a totally different sort of game, and there are excellent examples of that genre to be found everywhere.

There is only 1 gratuitous space battles, and id like that game to be developed more, if anything.

Please please please read the other suggestions before posting, its a basic courtesy on a forum.

glad I saw this before posting the same suggestion!

I’d love to be able to zoom out to see the whole map as well.