Streamlining orders...

So you deploy a few ships, group select them and give them orders. But then you realize you want to deploy a couple more of the same type. But they have the default, dumb orders. Is there a way to match orders from existing ships to newly deployed ships? It would be nice if there was. I’ve had to cancel out of challenges a few times because I realized I assigned my ships dumb orders by accident, whoops. It is also a little deceptive, because you can group select all the ships of a certain type, but the orders listed may or may not actually be applying to all of them.

Also, on the ‘add orders’ dialogue box, it would be nice if you could select several orders and click okay, rather than have to select one, add it, close the dialogue, re-open, add the other order you want, etc. etc. It would be nice to be able to group select and add multiple orders. Boom, quick, done.

It takes several minutes to get the fleet all lined up and ordered properly, part of the time spent is due to the interface. A little streamlining would help us get to the gratuitousness quicker.

Right click a deployed ship, go to ‘save orders’. The saved orders will apply to all new craft of that design.

We should really wirte a faq for all those tricks which are not that obvious for new comers…

Not obvious? It’s on page 7 of the manual. The manual is 14 pages.
There’s no need for a FAQ for stuff that’s documented in the manual.

Oh. I should learn to read then…

wonderful, thank you. Clearly I do not read. Plus it is still a little deceptive how when you have a group selected, all the ships may not actually have the same orders as what is displayed. Need some kind of flag for that.

I still want to be able to add multiple orders at once though! c’mon!

-edit, also, I still want to be able to apply the orders of one ship to all existing ships of that type or all selected ships of that type. The ‘save orders’ should really be ‘apply orders’ or ‘propogate orders’ or something like that.