stress level


This game is so addicting and cool ,thanks so much for creating it.Ok, so I changed my job from a waitress to a juniour doctor and my relaxation ,happiness ,excitement level are going down constantly and my character is not able to concentrate in her evening classes that is advanced science and I cant hang around with my friends all the time to increase the relaxation level.

Unfortunately I’m not help on this one. The only thing I could do was to change back to being a waiter and THEN studying. After the transportation cost i ended up making about the same as long as I walked to work as a waiter. It might be that the stress is set a wee bit high.

To finally become a doctor I found I jumped from waiter/student to nurse/doctor/etc and back again, whenever I wanted to study.

Wayno, prefers being a TV Chef

Junior doctor is very hard. You need to keep the stress down. Make sure you have relaxing friends, and some happy pets. Maybe learn to meditate :smiley:

Get a dishwasher, sleigh bed, cat and fish once you get the money. They all reduce stress.

The cat and the fish are especially great because they don’t cost much and don’t take up one of your scarce time slots.

I think it’s weird that excitement goes down, though. Being a junior doctor seems as if it would be pretty damned exciting – the job isn’t old hat yet.