Strikes and other situations that never occur

There are 36 different situations; some of them occur more often than others.

With standard settings, I have yet to experience a General Strike, Teacher Strike, a Doctor Strike, a Black Market, or a Tax Evasion. Have you had any of them?

If not, are they incorrectly coded?

They definitely all work! But it might be that the way you ‘naturally’ play the game has meant they have not happened. If you aren’t pushing certain taxes beyond reasonable limits, you are never going to see the black market situation, for example…

Is there a General Strike situation anywhere? Never experienced that. I know that sometimes there’s a Railway Strike (just like London today) when you reduce Railway subsidies.

There’s a general strike; also rail strikes, doctors strikes, and teachers strikes.

I’ve had rail, and I think I had the teachers on strike once, but that’s it.