Structure of economy

Are varying economy structures simulated by the way? E.g. Agricultural / mining / oil / manufacturing / service sector etc? Countries having varying amounts of industry in these various different sectors, so there are different challenges. E.g. Exports are often difficult in countries with low manufacturing, mineral and agricultural sectors, as they tend to be service sector orientated (often value added services are the only things exported).

I think the economic side of things could be improved too - especially encouraging and even discouraging verious industries…

Also, this might just be because I’m a diehard communist, but I think the game could use complex nationalization options, ideally beyond the one slider in Democracy 2.

I love the idea of setting a balance between full state nationalisation and unfettered capitalism.

Countries like Norway can do quite well with nationalised industries, whereas other countries are having a disastrous time. I think that it perhaps depends on the demand globally of the resource is nationalised.

I am working on a mod where positive situations represent different industrial sectors: Process, Automotive, Aerospace, Biotech and High Tech.

This mod also removes the abstracted technology- and economy-related situations (Uncompetitive Economy, Technology Backwater, etc), since they become obsolete.

Sounds great Gikgik

so how will it be economy-based negative situations?

A suggestion: how about “farms” - or anything like that - as positive situation? For many countries, that’s primary source of income.

But great work so far!