Stuck at Challenge Two

This is a sign that I probably shouldn’t buy this game… if I can’t get past level 2, I’m pretty hopeless…

Thankfully there was a demo or I’d be out 20$ to play the tutorial. Is there a tip I can use to blow those buzzards away?

Thx, Ryan

Make your own ship designs, and order ships into formations, give them retaliation orders, vulture, keep moving, etc.

The statistics panel after the battle ends is your friend. The speed slider (slow things down to get a better feel, speed things up to try more fleets in a given amount of play time) is your friend. Try to understand which weapons / ships are doing the most damage, and either take those down faster or add defenses against their weaponry to your designs.

Target priorities are important; if your cruisers are launching plasma volleys at frigates you’ll just miss and lose the engagement. If your cruisers are using high tracking speed weapons against other cruisers instead of frigates / fighters, you won’t do enough damage and lose the engagement. The watching phase of the game is actually where a lot of the serious work happens.

Thx guys. I started building ships and I think my fighters are good, but everything else comes out a little weaker. Reading here though has made me realize that the Frigate’s futility is not in my design or applications (entirely). The last few matches, I have been more cognizant of what weapon is doing what and how to cluster them in troops.

What can you say? This is more challenging and brainy than it seems at first glance. I’ll put the brainpower in, and if I can figure out a system that gets me through the demo, for sure I’ll buy the game. Even when I’m losing, the game is fascinating to watch…

Yeh the start was little hard for me too. Untill you learn to build your own ships and build them for diffirent roles. Mainly just try to learn from your loses and look them closely. Like the other guys said too.

I find Torpedo Frigates are useful in large groups. I didn’t lose until the “No Fighters” Mission on Expert, and once I did it with 16 Torpedo Friagates and 3 Anti-Frigate Cruisers, I beat it easily. I just don’t like that I can’t buy stuff with Honor in the Demo.