Sub Assembly Line

Hi, thumbs up for a very good new “alpha” Game.
The game idea is Great with colossuses possibilities for extensions.

My first Suggestion is add a Sub Assembly Line feature:

For Example engine manufacturing with multiple steps:
Engineblock production for 4/6/8 Cylinders
Piston production
Vent production
…< add more Parts>…
car engine assembly
car engine testing (quality control)

My second Suggestion more love for car electronics to time only 1 Slot with Upgrads parts like cable trees be absent by comparison to Body construct.

yup a separate engine assembly line is a great idea. I need to plan this out and do it properly :smiley:

Perhaps 10 - 14 step process would be approriate, for example:
Engine block
Cylinder head
Coolant pump
Fuel Rail
Spark plugs
Ingnition coils
Exhaust manifold
Intake manifold
Hydraulic pump

Possible researchable upgrades should be for example direct fuel injection, turbocharger, variable valve timing, automatic transmission, 4WD etc.

Without blowing up the complexity of the game (and coding it), it would simply be nice to take the existing engine assembly steps (flywheel, valves etc.) and simply do it away from the main assembly line and then “feed in” the engines. Would REALLY love to see that.

Subassemblies would be amazing. The engine is definitely a candidate for this. Another could actually be body paint. I most assembly lines I’ve seen actually paint the body panels prior to final fitting on the frame. It’s hard to actually paint all sides of the panels while they are attached. I could easily see the body panels coming out of manufacturing, zipping off to the paint room, and then coming back fully painted to be assembled on the chassis.