Submitting Challenges with expansions

I submitted my first challenge the other day and when I did I was presented with a screen where I could pick and choose what expansions I included in the battle. This was really confusing to me as I would expect that the game would automatically figure out what expansions I was using and be able to properly let the expansion know.

As I bought the “combo pack” which included the swarm, nomads, order and Tribe, I don’t know what each individual expansion added to the game.

What I thought was: Well, if I unmark “Swarm” and I’m using some ship component on one of my ships that’s Swarm the scenario won’t work. But if I leave “Swarm” marked then people can’t try my challenge if they don’t have “Swarm”, even though I don’t think I’m using anything from Swarm, since I’m using a Rebel fleet.

This is lose-lose as I’m either potentially posting a bad scenario If I have a “Swarm” component and don’t realize it, or I’m not letting people play the challenge who don’t have Swarm if I’m not using a swarm component. I tried playing somebody’s “budget cruiser duel” who had a Rebel cruiser but I couldn’t play it because I didn’t have “Parasites” expansion. I wondered if he had Parasites components on his one ship or if he just had it marked but no components.

My own challenge didn’t use any “spacial anomilies” and used a Rebel fleet so I didn’t think I had any components from other expansions (maybe the background?) but I didn’t know.

Anyway, to the point:
I’d like the game to scan what components I have on included ships, backgrounds, anomilies and automatically “know” what expansions are needed for that scenario to run, so I don’t have to try to figure it out.