SuccDem & ProgCon Groups

Have voters with memberships in conservativism and liberalism to represent Progressive Conservatism.
Have voters with memberships in Capitalism and Socialism to represent Social Democracy/Democratic Capitalism.

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It was a thing before @cliffski axed it out.
Originally every voter was mix of capitalist/socialist and liberal/conservative

I suggested stuff like this, where centrist have 20% membership of both sides on two axes.
Then once you are closer to edges than centre you are pure capitalist/liberal or socialist/conservative.

Now you forget about all capitalist/socialist/liberal/conservative issues once you go one mm into other side :smiley:


Hopefully voter inelasticity when it comes into the game will resolve this somewhat. This doesn’t need to be enabled for every voter, but it’d be great to see it atleast in some.

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