[sug] drone hangars

drone fighters are very simple laser/engine deals. cruiser hangar would have more fighters in it
there could be a bomber hangar (slower, torpedos) and a fighter hangar

fighters would launch with ‘escort, protect, attack fighter’ rules.
bombers would launch with ‘attack frigates, attack cruisers’

these could be one-shot, or not. just an idea.

Been suggested but I agree that carrier based weapons would be cool.

Yep, I missed these in the suggestion list.

If Carriers are implemented then a ‘Keep Away’ order definitely needs to be implemented, in order to avoid Carriers moving in to battle and not backing off if the enemy advances.

Also, somehow I think it would look wrong if a chunk of your fleet sits at the far edge of the map and just launches fighters. It most certainly isn’t gratuitous.

Meh, even if there was just an upgrade ‘hanger’ device that could live on cruiser class ships that would turn them into the focal point of fighters set on cautious. When damaged they home in on that ship instead, idle on it for whatever time frame and return to battle at full strength. No gratuitous space battle is complete without fat & glorious motherships. Either that or if they’re set to escort a ship that has a hanger they’ll return to it when not engaged and do the healing at that point too.

To keep them at the back it’d be nice to have an order that ensures they stay further back from the enemy then any other ship in your fleet, only advancing when the core fleet does. Hell I’d enjoy having that option any ways for support fire craft any ways(light armor/long range weaponry). Think of the old ‘off side’ rule in many sports. The formation command almost does this already, just it relies upon the ship they’re trying to match doesn’t get blown up.