[Sugestion] Hotseat

woul like to be able to have a hotseat mode so i can set up a fleet, then have a freind set one up and watch what happens.

This would be neat, but then again you could always just create a fleet and then setup a Challenge to All with it. Then go to challenges and attempt to defeat that challenge with your own fleet…

How do i set up a chalenge against all, havent been able to work out how?

Go into a single player mission’s Fleet Deployment screen. Once you have your fleet setup the way you want it, press the “Challenge” button on the bottom left. When the dialog box for the challenge opens, press the “All” button and then enter in a piffy comment in the taunt box and press submit (or challenge, whatever the buttons called).

It would be cool if both sides picked their fleets and deployed without seeing the set up of their opponent. Going into a battle blind would force you to create a fairly versatile fleet, no?

Unfortunately not really. If you did go into battle blind… you would figure out the enemy fleet make up just by fighting it once. After that initial encounter, it wouldn’t matter that you’re blind, you know what the fleet is already and you can design your own appropriately.

The only case this would matter is in some kind of tourny or rated game where you had blind fleets face off, and the winner is decided by that one game. Unfortunately with current randomness in the system, one game is a very poor sample to test fleet strengths… Unless once a tourny starts, you’re stuck with your fleet and can’t modify it…

Best of 5, 20k credit.

If you don’t make a versatile fleet, you run the risk of not having fighter defense/being too weak against cruisers. It could work.

It would definitely be useful to have something like this (without having to issue challenges which end up online everytime).
Besides hotseat it could also be used for experimentation i.e. to see what works and what doesn’t.
This would help a lot while designing specific ships so you can pit them against just the opponent you want or to finetune a fleet you are going to use in a challenge.

Skirmish mode when you plan both fleets out would be a very nice feature.