Suggested dilemma: criminal minister

This suggestion is definitely NOT based on any real world event in my own country under its current PM, nope nope, not at all.

The suggested dilemma is this: One of your ministers has been caught engaging in what could be described as white collar crime. Say, for example, the tax minister has been caught tipping off friends and family about as yet unannounced upcoming tax policy changes so they can move their investments before the lowly peasants. Do you:

  1. Pursue legal action, and have the minister arrested if possible. This would fire the minister, upset the other ministers, reduce corruption and probably upset the voter groups who liked the minister.

  2. Downplay the incident, obstruct legal processes, keep the minister, and hope the fickle mob forgets about it. This would please the cabinet, increase corruption and hit the player’s “trustworthy” rating.