Suggested stations: Make and Fit assembly

Hey guys,
Just bought the game and it’s looking pretty good.

I have a suggestion which i haven’t found on the forum: Having stations to make assemblies and other stations to fit these assemblies.

i.e. wheel assembly. There is a station to fit the wheel assembly, but it just does the work of the sub stations. What i would like to see is that we can make a wheel assembly and then fit that assembly in the production line.
It would allow you to have a shorter main line, with all kinds of sub lines making assemblies for that main line.

What do you guys think?

Edit: i found an example in game for the engine. you can make an engine of other components

I’m not sure if you’ve seen already, but you can have “Fit wheel” and “Make Wheel” - You need to research the Wheel specialisation first.

But Fit wheel does only that. fit the wheel. Not the brakes or the tires.
I want to make the whole assembly like i make the wheel. Then Fit the assembly.
So the Fit wheel, Fit brakes and Fit tires stations would produce a wheel assembly that i can stockpile.
And then the Fit wheel assembly station would not create it from scratch but use my own wheel assembly


I think what your asking for already exists. As mentioned before you need to research the facility to manufacturer parts. At this point you can then Make a Wheel and Fit a wheel. This can be done with the majority of the components utilised in the game.

If I understand him right.

He wants a production unit that will do -> Make Brake, Make Wheel and Make tyre and have a “Fit The whole wheel” - So it fits the brake, wheel and tyre as a pre-fabricated object.

Yes, thats what i meant

Ok so you just use the “Fit Wheel Assembly” then and it will collect parts from the relevant Make slot. So you end up with a Make Brake, Make Wheel and Make Tire and a Fit Wheel Assembly. You don’t have to use the individual fit wheel, fit brake slots, etc for it to collect the parts from a Make. Once it’s being made it will go to wherever it’s needed.

Does the fit wheel option still provide you with the upgrades?

As far as I’m aware it should. I didn’t think you were penalised on the upgrades just because you haven’t broken the production down. I was under the impression that running the separate is just part of trying to make a more efficient factory.

I’ve just checked that “Fit Wheel Assembly” does not accept the upgrade options, you have to split it up in order to be able to fit the upgrades.