Suggested Steam Achievments

While Big Pharma isn’t on Steam now, it will be when 1.0 hits. I’m starting this thread for Steam Achievement suggestions. Add your own!

“Drug Ninja” - Sell a drug with an active cure effect and 3 inactive side-effects
“Just That Good” - Have a drug with an active side effect achieve an “A” overall drug grade.
“Mass Production” - Make more than 200 units a month of a single drug.
“The King of Pain” - Make at least 15 units a month of every cure type in the Pain category. (Similar achievements would exist for the other drug categories)
“Hit the Sweet Spot” - Make drug with an ideal concentration for its cure effect.
“Obliterated” - Eliminate a side effect by fulfilling its reaction condition.
“Loan-Shark Repellent” - Win a mission without taking a loan.
“Secret Stash” - Upgrade an ingredient to have a 50% discount.
“Mega - Factory” - Buy every available plot in an advanced level game.
“High Octane Nightmare Fuel” - Have a drug that cures insomnia but also causes nightmares.
“In the mood” - Combine a Female Contraceptive and Cures Migraines effects into the same drug.
“Teenager Special” - Combine a Cures Acne with a Treats ADHD effect into the same drug.
“Silver Fox Special” - Combine a Treats Erectile Dysfunction with Restores Hair effects in the same drug.
“Drunken One Night Stand” - Combine a Treats Liver Disease with Warts effects into the same drug.
“I’m going to explode” - Combine a Prevents Urination with Causes constipation effects into the same drug.

I’m sure there are many more you can think of!

These are all great ideas! More side-effect and cure achievements would be cool too, like ‘Induces Vomiting, Stops Sneezing’, or something else facial projectile related.

I lol’d for real.