[Suggestion] A few of suggestions.

I have just gone through all the Dev blogs, and written down a few suggestions for the game.
1.Special objects on task.
I feel the tasks looks pretty repetitive, this suggestion is that you place a object will select a random object for that space when it is placed in game.
The are two categories of ranges, Permanent and Semi Permanent.
The Permanent range would always remember where it is. This could be good for shelves with varying level of boxes.
The Semi Permanent range would remember where it is only for that session. This could be useful for workers, and other equipment you expect would change location. It would make it feel like the people are moving around in the facility.

2.Purchase facility, and place new import and export ports.
It would be more of an endgame goal. The player would have a good infrastructure by this point in the game and the player would barely notice the rent. When the facility is purchased the player has the option to create new ports for import and export. This would not be cheap, but pretty useful if the existing ports is a bottleneck even when the player only imports raw materials. But creating ports should have restrictions of where it is placed.
It would be to restrict the player to place the ports only in certain areas on the walls.

The sample bellow is of a edge of facility where in the upper left corner would be a office. The player would be restricted to create new ports in the upper and right edge of the facility.

1.Show missing research
This would make it easy to find out what to research to research something you want.
You would select the research you want to research and it would draw a line to the research options that needs to be selected.

In the example bellow the second child of the first parent needs the first child of the first parent and the “uncle” of the first parent.

2.Flat crossings for Conveyor and Resource Conveyor.
There could be a case where you need the car to cross existing conveyor to get to another part of the facility. and if you have one Resource Conveyor that needs to cross over another Resource Conveyor without combining them.

3.Combine Dry Undercoat and Dry Finish to one task.
From what I can see both of them are identical except for what stage they accept. It would be one less item in the menu.

I hope some of the suggestions i said was useful.