Suggestion : a more global vision of healthcare cost


I’m playing a game with germany and actually the only things that have effect on the health care cost (44 billion for a global expandure of 309 billion) is :

  • the environnement
  • wages
  • population
  • life span

And it gives us few to no actual levers to lessen the cost without actually lowering the health of people.

Looking at the actual already developped policies, i think some points can be taken into account :

  • car accidents (as we already have car usage and alcohol consumption)

  • work injury and work related deseases (as we have some policies revolving around union, labor laws and others)

  • drug consumptions other than alcohol/tobacco, because even when a drug is illegal people still use it and it have an effet on their health.

By the way, nice work !

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Interesting. We should probably look into the data. Although there are a lot of car accidents, is ti really a noticeable chunk of healthcare costs to deal with them? The same is likely the case with workplace injuries.
If an effect is below 1%, its likely more trouble (in terms of UI clutter) to add it than it is worth. I’m happy to be proven wrong though!

Also I think if we add such effects, they should be on healthcare demand, which already has an effect on costs I think (i will check!).

edit: it doesn’t! I’ll fix this…

Ok…some quick googling gives some UK figures:

Injury costs per year amount to £5.2 billion, but only about a fifth of that comes from the government. I assume some of that would be disability benefit, and some actual state healthcare costs. (assume a 50/50 split)
So it looks like maybe a 2.5 billion cost per year (£600million per quarter) element of each policy would be attributable to injuries with the current UK slider settings for workplace safety.

In a real granular sim, actual ‘safety’ would be modelled, and workplace legislation would just be one element feeding into it, as car accidents would be another one… yikes.
So maybe assume 50% of injuries are from workplace, 50% from cars? so a £300mill impact for each item on both healthcare costs and disability benefit costs.

(I’ve added this as an item to trello).

This should kinda be the primary reason for worker safety law

Note: Among young people around the legal driving age, car accidents are one of the biggest causes of death. And if they survive, I’d imagine the injuries not to be underestimated either!
Driving cars is probably the most dangerous thing we generally let average people legally do.

Thx for the reply and the work @cliffski.


So i tried the version with the change on healthcare and the “respiratory disease” crisis have no effect on healthcare demands.

really? yikes, I will check that