(Suggestion) A new feature I think we can all agree on

This game screams for a Singleplayer Sandbox mode where the player sets up both fleets and lets 'em rip.

Besides being fun in itself, it will really help the balance testing during the beta!

A multiplayer hotseat mode wouldn’t hurt, either.

Well i certainly agree. We can already do this kind of thing by posting a challenge and then responding to it, but it’d be nice to just be able to play around without having to do that.

The lack of this or a random opponent fleet generator is what’s currently keeping me from buying the game. I’m looking for just a little bit more than a series of set challenges to solve.

We’re all posting challenges - endless unending challenges. There’s at least twenty handmade, many more auto, and more are being made all the time!

Agreed. Singleplayer Sandbox mode would rock. want! :slight_smile:

I think I underestimated/misunderstood the PBEM feature. That’s good enough for me - I think I’m going to take the plunge with this one then, thanks.

Technically the way you do this is you issue a challenge to yourself, and pick it up in your personal challenges, although tihs is a little clunky.

That’s what I’ve been doing to run tests. The feature exists, but it would be nice if it was it’s own entity.

I would like to set up small battles 1or 2 ships in sandbox mode. (ie Enterprize vs reliant)

Oh yeah. Unlimited money and pilot caps just to see how far we can push it before the sheer amount of firepower on the screen makes our heads explode? Heck yes!

Oh, and it would be good for testing out new designs against various threats. Or just sending a single cruiser to do battle with 300 fighters.